Friday, July 11, 2008

Breaking News! Baboon Attack, South Africa


Sandwich and two quiches stolen. Film at eleven.

Many of my friends have been teasing me about being eaten by a zebra. Turns out, zebras aren't an issue, but watch out for those baboons! Today at the Cape Point Nature Reserve, I'm sitting at my table with some friends. We're at a deli, outside, behind electrified fencing, feeling all safe, happy about our quiche and tuna sandwiches. Next thing we know a lady on a cliff is making odd noises and throwing rocks, large rocks, and a man with a large stick is approaching. There are baboons, they are screaming. It didn't occur to us to move. It didn't seem possible that they were talking to us.

Just then a rather large baboon vaults over the elecrtified fence and onto our table. We moved away as if in a dream. I stood a few feet from the table and watched him eat half my tuna sandwich and inhale two little quiches. Then the people with big sticks got him to leave and we were ushered into the restaurant.

People, I didn't even scream, and I'm a screamer. If you know me, you know this. It was just didn't seem possible that a baboon had nearly landed in my lap and was sharing my sandwich with me. Luckily he left my chocolate alone, because otherwise he and I would have thrown down.

Here he is later, on top of a car after stealing a bag of food from another tourist.

We also went to a reserve on the beach to see penguins. The penguins were just hanging out looking us from the bushes and rocks, with this look on their faces like, whatever, we're adorable.

There were also, dassies. I'm told dassies are related to elephants, but they look like giant guinea pigs to me. There were like ten of them eating this flowers running around on the boardwalk around us.

They're sort of sirly looking. Yeah, take my picture and then leave me the hell alone. I haven't had coffee!

None of these pictures were taken with a telephoto. Apart from the baboon, but really he was pretty close too.

It's pretty clear that in Africa, it's their party and if we want to come that's okay. Just remember to step away from the sandwiches.

Okay, so I know you're looking for pics, but I'm dealing with dial up here and am being told it's time to go.

Check back tomorrow for critter pics!


Matt said...

I'd still watch out for zebras. They are a little more sneaky. We sure miss you Cindy! I hope and pray you have the time of your life!

coolgirlsar said...

At least it has some brains and knew not to mess with a girl and her chocolate. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Missing you lots and look forward to reading more about your trip.

The General said...

Nice dassie pics!

Liana said...

I cannot believe a baboon stole your lunch. That is SO COOL.

Cindy Cooper said...

I like to think I chose to share my lunch with the baboon, grunting and sharp teeth to the contrary. :-D

Betsy said...

I am so catlicking jealous that you saw penguins I cannot even speak.